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5 Tips For Storing Tires

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Storing tires away may be something to consider if you have a spare tire that won't fit in your car or if you want to purchase tires from a tire shop because they are on sale, but you don't actually need new tires at the moment. When it comes to storing tires for any reason, you need to consider these five tips:

  1. Clean and Place in Bag: The first thing you need to do is clean the tire and place it in an airtight bag. The reason you don't want air in the bag is because it prevents oil evaporation. The oil on the tires is needed because it prevents them from drying out. You also need to be sure that the tires are not wet. Otherwise, moisture will build up, which can cause mold growth. 
  2. Keep Out of the Sun: Do not allow the tires to be exposed to any sunlight while they are stored away. This is because the harsh rays of the sun cause the tires to start to crack if they are sitting in the sun long enough. 
  3. Keep in Climate Controlled Area: Many people will store their tires in a garage. However, the problem with this is that a garage can vary in temperature widely because it is not usually a controlled space. The best place for storage of tires is in a basement that is well insulated. If you don't have anywhere else for storage except for your garage, just do your best to keep it better insulated. Keep the garage door shut and update the weather stripping. 
  4. Store Tires Upright: Instead of laying the tires flat on the ground, it's better to store them upright because this won't be an abnormal pressure on them. This can cause damage to the shape of the tires, and eventually, the tires won't be even at all and thus won't be a good tire to drive on. 
  5. Keep Tires Off the Vehicle: If you are storing tires because you are storing away the vehicle itself for some time, you need to jack the car up and take the tires off. This is because it takes off the pressure on your tires, which prevents them from excessive wear. If you leave the tires on the vehicle, they can be impossible to drive on in the future when you take the car out of storage. 

When you consider these five tips for storing tires, you can be sure that any tires you put away for some time will be ready to be driven on in the future.