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2 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Race Tires For Your First Weekend Street Racing Event

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If you have a drag car that you have been dabbling with on the track, you may have decided that you are ready to take your racing up a notch. After looking for upcoming racing events, you may have decided to participate in a street racing event that lasts all weekend.

Before you trailer your car and head to the event, you want to make sure that you are fully prepared, which includes making sure that you have the right tires. Below are a couple of questions to ask yourself before purchasing tires for your first weekend street racing event.

1. What Will Be the Surface and Condition of the Road for the Races You Will Be Participating In?

One question that you will need to answer before you buy racing tires for an upcoming event has to do with the road surface and conditions. To find out this information, you will need to call the event coordinator to find out what type of road you will be racing on as well as its overall condition to help determine what type of tire you will need.

For example, if the races will take place on a concrete roadway, you will want to purchase R-compound tires such as Toyo Proxes race tires. These tires are made from a harder compound than ordinary slicks but are able to firmly grip the road's surface, allowing you to hook and stay flat on the surface for the duration of the race.

2. How Many Races Do You Intend to Participate in over the Course of the Weekend Event?

Another question you should answer before purchasing tires for the street racing event has to do with how many races you will participate in. Since race tires are subjected to extreme heat levels, they only last for a designated number of passes before the tread wears out completely, which is referred to as the heat cycle.

Once you know how many races you will be driving in, you should try to select tires with a heat cycle that will accommodate the number of passes you plan on making. If you are hoping to participate in races higher than the heat cycles on the tires, you will need to bring a backup set.

Before you head out to the street racing event, you should contact the coordinator to find out the type of surface you will be driving on so you can select a suitable tire that will not only hook well but also maintain its grip throughout the run. You should also estimate how many races you intend to participate in so you can determine the number of heat cycles the tires will be subjected to in case you need to bring a spare set. Once you have this information, contact a shop that offers Pirelli race tires to speak with a representative who can help you select a set that will suit your needs for the event.