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Purchasing A Used Semi Trailer? 2 Things To Check Before You Buy It

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If you are planning to go into the transportation business and want to go into business for yourself, you are likely purchasing your own semi truck.  If this is you and you have decided to purchase one that is used to save money you need to check some things before you buy it. Semi trucks are an expensive purchase and you want to ensure you are getting a good truck that will last you for a long time. Below are two things to check to help you get started.

Tires and Rims

The tires for a semi truck can be very expensive and having new tires on the used semi is a benefit. Look at the tread for each tire to make sure there is no separation between the treads. Look at the treads and make sure they are not worn down. Each tire on the semi truck should be the same exact size and there should be no damage to the tire, such as knots in the tread.

Look at the wheel rims also. Check the nuts to make sure they are not loose. There should be no missing lugs, studs, spacers, or clamps and all rims should have the same lock rings. If the rims look like they have been repaired in any way, such as they have been welded, the rims need to be replaced.


The semi truck you purchase needs to have an engine that has the right amount of towing capacity and horsepower for the weight of the loads you will be driving around. Having the right engine also means the truck will have better fuel economy which results in you saving a lot of money.

One way to know how old an engine is, is by looking at the mileage for the truck. If the truck has high mileage, however, the semi truck may have a new engine in it. Make sure you ask the owner about this.

An engine for a semi truck is very expensive and it can also be expensive to repair one if you have problems so this is something that is important.

If you need help with the inspection of the truck you are interested in, contact a mechanic in your area that has worked on semi trucks. They can go over these things, as well as many others, to ensure the truck you are purchasing is in good condition and the right truck for what you will be using it for.