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Tips For Saving Money When Shopping For Tires

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If you have just realized that you need to purchase new tires for your vehicle, you may start to wonder about how much it is going to cost you and how you can save money on that. Do not make the mistake of assuming that you have to sacrifice quality for the cheaper price. Just make use of the following tips.

Call The Salvage Yards

Sure, many people will contact the salvage yards because they are looking for various mechanical parts. The thing is though, you may also be able to purchase some used tires from them. This is because the majority of the vehicles that were salvaged came to the yard with tires on them. You might even be able to purchase the rim with the tire for an affordable price. Just make sure that you are getting a tire with a substantial amount of tread left on it. This way, it will last for as long as possible whether you are getting an immediate replacement tire or a new spare tire.

Wait For Holiday Sales

There are a lot of major chain tire stores that will offer discounted prices on their tires. This is a great option for someone who is not in immediate need of tires. Therefore, if you are simply trying to plan your tire purchase in advance, or you would like to stock up on a few replacement tires that you can keep on hand in your garage, this is one of the best ways to do it. To help save yourself time and frustration in the future, you might want to go the extra mile and purchase rims for all the spare tires that you are purchasing. This way, even at home, you will be able to swap out the tires that you feel need to be replaced. Otherwise, you will be forced to take your old tire that is on the rim and the new tire back to a tire shop in order to have them switched out.

Look For Rebates

Call around to your local tire stores and take a few minutes to look through the newspaper. The goal is to find a brand of tires that is currently offering a rebate. Generally, you will find that there will be some restrictions, such as needing to buy four tires at once. However, if that rebate check is a sufficient amount of money, the purchase of the extra tires should prove to be more than worth it.

The sooner you start looking for tires in your area, the sooner you will be able to find the best deal possible.